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5 Fun Drinking Card Games of All Time

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Drinking card games could be lots of fun. You can play these card drinking games in a bar or at home with your friends. Drinking games may also be a great way to socialize as an ice breaker. One of the most popular drinking games including cards is king’s cup, ring of fire, president and many more. Here are drinking card games to play with your friends.

List of the Drinking Card Games

King’s Cup

King’s cup is one of the popular drinking card games in the world. The kings cup rules are simple and easy to learn. For this game, you will need a cup, a deck of cards and plenty of beer.

The beer cup is positioned in the center of their players sitting around it. Players take chances of picking a card in the deck, each of which demands a selected action.

Each card has a different significance. For ex, if your preference a two up, that usually means you pick somebody to drink.  If your preference a three, then which means me, and that means you would drink. The game stops when there are no more cards left to draw on.


Asshole is a complex but most popular drinking card games with rules that are very easy to understand.

You will need cards, Beer, a cup for each player along with the titular asshole hat. A minimum of 4 players Is best. The purpose of this game is for each player to eliminate their cards. All Cards are rated lowest to the highest beginning with four. Ace is also high. Two is a clear card significance, if somebody throws down a two, it clears the table & rearranges the round. Three is a wild card, meaning it could be any number except two. But, two threes can be performed as one two, meaning it could clear the round.

Circle of Death

Circle of Death also called the ring of fire is a drinking card game similar to the king’s cup game. This drinking game is lots of fun.

Before beginning the game, players sit in a round, and place a cup of drink in the center of the table, after that dealer extent the deck of cards around the center cup faced down. One player begins by selecting the first card, then turns to continue by the performer to their left following with their chance.


This fun game is a good one if you need to interrelate and have a laugh along with your other team players. In this drinking game, all the cards are distributed similarly.

The aim of the bullshit game is to eliminate all your cards. Players then take chances of putting some of their cards face down at the center of the desk. They could place cards of the same value down and they have to place more than one card down at a time.

Pyramid or Beeramid

Pyramid is just another popular drinking card game requiring one standard deck of cards. One starts by making a pyramid of cards by putting them face down on the table in rows.

Next, the dealers pass out three cards to each performer’s face down. Players may look at their cards and shouldn’t let other performers view them.

The object of the pyramid match is to create other players drink based on what cards that they consider you have. If you want to more information like this, you can visit recenttechnologies.in.

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